You might run a business on your own
but you don’t have to do it alone!

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An invitation to try a different route to business success

Do you want to take your business to the next level or just want trusted help and support to progress but not sure where to start?

If you feel as though you’re going round in circles, trying to push a boulder up a hill or are just so bogged down with the day to running of the business that you never get a chance to really plan how to grow it, now is the time to change!

Work with the founder of The Inspired Group, Ann Hawkins, for six months to get clarity, practical help and inspiration to help you to reach your goals. (Ann is a registered and approved Growth Accelerator Coach)

“Ann’s guidance and expert knowledge has helped me to make the difficult decisions necessary to kick-start the growth of our business. We are now firmly on track. Growing revenues and two new hires have strengthened the business and created a platform for future success.” Andy Bargery, CEO, Klaxon Marketing Ltd


Money back guarantee No quibbles – if you’re not getting the results you want, you get your money back.

✔ Start with a planning session that will give you real clarity on your goals and an achievable plan.

✔ Follow up with unlimited action and accountability sessions that keep you on track.

✔ Get insights and practical help from experts that are specific to you, your business and your goals – because no two businesses or business owners are alike.

✔ Enjoy a monthly on-line gathering with other business owners to share inspiration.

Owners of small businesses all say that taking time out of the business to work on how you want to grow it is essential but something that is hard to do on your own.

This is the answer!

Reasons to join an Inspired  Mentoring Group.

“Through attending Ann’sMentoring Group I was able to find solutions to the problems I was having in growing my business. I am still using those solutions and my business is continuing to grow and now provides employment for 18 people.”  Ed Williams, Director, Elite Swimming Academy.

1. You immediately get support, accountability and direction.

2. That feeling of “being alone” while running your business is gone.

3. You get access to trusted experts and insights that are specific to your business.

4. You enjoy a ‘never get stuck’ service.

5. You don’t get generic information that doesn’t apply to you or your business.

6. You get support from business owners just like you.

7. You get real results or your money back.

Who Should Join an Inspired Mentoring Group?

“Ann worked with me, systematically looking at what it was I wanted to achieve and how we were going to get there. Her guidance, help and support gave me a very positive direction for the business.” Tamsin Higgins, MD, Tom Higgins Ltd.

You are a business owner and able to make all decisions relating to your business.

You believe that running a business should be a joyful adventure and not a constant struggle.

You want to build a good life as well as a good living.

You are able to commit to six months membership at £99 per month.

You are prepared to take action to consistently move towards your goals.

You might be just starting or you might want to start over.

You’ll understand that profit is important but so is being happy.

You’ll want to be seen as a valuable partner by your customers, suppliers and employees.

You’ll be happy to share what you know and learn from your peers.

You’ll want to realise a dream of living by doing what you love.

Try it – Money back guarantee

How Does It Work?

On joining, you  have a 1 to 1 meeting with Ann Hawkins on Skype to set your goals and a plan to achieve them.

You agree the actions you will take to move your plans forward.and have unlimited access to Ann via email to report on progress and get further direction.

Every month you have a 1 to 1 Skype call with Ann to review progress and set further action plans.

You join a private, on-line community where you can message other group members and Ann at any time and where, once a month, at an agreed date and time, you have a formal, structured, meeting in real time, facilitated by Ann.

You will be sent information on specific articles and interviews that will add to the knowledge you need to take action.

A “never get stuck” promise means that you have on-line access to me in between meetings.

How do you join?

(all prices are subject to VAT)

Get six months membership for the price of five. A one off payment of £495 saves you £99


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Or pay in easy instalments of £99 a month

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Cancel  when you choose

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Members of The Inspired Group believe that people who start their own businesses have put their hopes and dreams into what they do and that its important to take care of each other and help to nurture those dreams. We believe that its great to learn with and from each other and to share what we know. We believe in aligning what we do with who we are.  We believe that building a business is about building a life, not just a living.

Don’t let your business become more of a pain than a pleasure, join us now! 

Achieving success and consistently hitting your goals is a tough thing to do on your own and you don’t have to. Find out how sharing the experience of other business owners gives you much needed inspiration and support as well as real, practical help, friendship and fun.
The Inspired Group is a bunch of business owners who like to do things differently, with and for each other, mentored and lightly led by founder, Ann Hawkins.

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